Before posting
Before asking or reporting some problem or misbehaviour of the DontForget application, please
read carefully system requirements and other information.

Before posting or contacting via e-mail please:
• read throught existing posts, in many cases you can find the answer there
• try to find out as much as possible about the bug. When and in which program state and with which settings the bug is caused etc.
• describe the problem as much as possible with details. You also can attach screenshots etc.
• attach your device type, model and OS version etc. and the version of the DontForget you are running

Activate build-in Logging mechanism
Activity Logging is intended to help find possible problems or bugs and to have a complete report from the user without further and detailed investigation. Simply go to the Admin’s menu and switch „Activity log“ on. This will create DontForgetLog.txt file in the same folder DontForget is installed (e.g. \Storage Card\Program Files\DontForget). Then close the Admin and simulate the behaviour again. Finally, send me the LOG file created via e-mail.

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RSS channel
You can subscribe to appropriate RSS channel within the Forum for up-to-date information on new versions, posts or answered question.

Support e-mail contact (use exceptionally only please):